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ATTENTION: Are you having a connection issue? Make sure you check the Network Status page before opening a ticket to see if there are any known issues. If you do need to open a ticket, make sure you include detailed information about the problem. Also be sure to include the full name of the account owner, and service address. Lately people have been opeing tickets and not providing the very basic information needed to assist them, delaying our ability to resolve their issue.. 

For example, if you open a ticket and only provide the name "Corey" and ticket messsage says "I'ts not working right" we will have no way to assist you, as we have 71 Corey's in our customer database, so we will not know which account is having issues, nor would we know what issue you are having. This is why you MUST be detail oriented. Thank You.


PLEASE make sure you provide detailed information, as instructed when opening a ticket. You MUST provide detailed information.


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